About Jen Stambolsky


If you’re looking for a coach that has everything figured out, the kind of woman who has all the answers to everything, makes perfectly pink macarons for every bake sale, never ever yells at her kids, and cleans her baseboards on the regular… Well, unfortunately, I’m not the best coach for you.

I’ve been to therapy. Dealt with panic attacks. I know anxiety, because I’m pretty sure it has a key to my house and occasionally waltzes through the back door. I am obsessed with traveling, in love with Disney, and passionate about coaching. I’ve got two girls and one on the way and I struggle with my role as mom all the time. Sometimes I heat up frozen chicken nuggets for dinner, I cut coupons and forget about them, and once my daughter’s pre-school had to call and remind me that her birthday was actually today, not the following day, when I planned to bring treats in (shhh…she must never find out about this).


The thing is though, becoming a certified coach helped me to understand that it’s never about having all the answers. In fact, always trying to be perfect is an exhausting way to live.

Instead, it’s more powerful to understand and accept you may have never the answers. That any decision you make is the right one. That you’re perfect. And that your plan on this earth is unfolding exactly as it should.

I’m on a mission to uplift and inspire stay at home moms, no matter what season they are in. If you’re looking for a coach that can help you recover from that tried and true enemy, perfectionism, or the coach that will push you through your discomfort because I know you are meant to do whatever it is that’s calling your heart, or the coach that will enable you to truly step into the skin of the amazing strong woman that you are…

Or if you just want someone who really - and I mean really - listens to you…and then helps you move on.

Then I am definitely your coach.

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