What's the most beautiful thing about being a life and business coach? 

The fact that the coaching/client relationship is reciprocal. I provide a valuable service, but you offer me invaluable insight and knowledge as well, just by sharing your honest, authentic self with me. And I look for this in nearly every relationship - whether I've met the person or not - I encounter. 

Bruce Lee once said, "Relationship is a process of self evaluation and self revelation. Relationship is the mirror in which you discover yourself - to be is to be related."

2017 was about stepping into my power. It was about going big and being strong. I followed Lee's advice wholeheartedly and it has led me on an incredible journey of gratitude, self revelation, and, at times, complete and total joy. 

Today, I share with you some of my goals of 2018. (I say "some," because I know it will evolve over time.) I am so excited for what the future holds for both you and I. We have great things coming.

  • Plan two date nights/month for my husband and I.
  • Create an extensive group coaching program with my husband, specifically for entrepreneurial fathers, which builds community, supports business growth, and strengthens families.
  • Create an extensive group coaching program for entrepreneurial mothers, which builds community, supports business growth, and strengthens families.
  • Take more pictures with my daughters - and include myself in them.
  • Spend a few weeks working in a different city, so we can expose our children to new and exciting experiences. 
  • Continue to do gratitude sharing on a near nightly basis with my children (thanks to my husband for starting this.)
  • Spend two nights/week a working (only after the kids have gone to bed.)
  • Stick to our parenting and journal with my husband.
  • Rally a community to champion and celebrate a specific cause, related to coaching, through social media.
  • Hire a video production company to make a promo video for Bodem Coaching.
  • Write a song and play guitar for an open mic night.
    (This is by far the MOST scary thing on my list.)

Check out the update here. :)

Jennifer Stambolsky