An Update on My Goals


We are officially one whole month into 2018! Did the horrible plague of 2018 (AKA the flu) invade your household, too? My two girls and I both caught it, but between that and the many snow days (an unusual occurrence here in the south), we didn't get a whole lot done around here. Laundry piled up. Dishes were dirty. And our pantry became dangerously empty (except for soup, we had a lot of soup)! I managed to get a decent amount of work done all things considered, but a few things got left behind. 

So here I am, excited to start 2018, for real this time! :) 

Back in December, I listed out my goals and I am happy to share where I have progressed (and not progressed). 

  • Plan two date nights/month for my husband and I. (Welp, we didn't have many date nights period, so this hasn't happened yet, but I am working on it.)
  • Create an extensive group coaching program with my husband, specifically for entrepreneurial fathers, which builds community, supports business growth, and strengthens families. (As goals do, this one is evolving into another exciting idea. For now, it's still under construction, but I will divulge more info soon.)
  • Create an extensive group coaching program for entrepreneurial mothers, which builds community, supports business growth, and strengthens families. (This one falls in line with the above goal.)
  • Take more pictures with my daughters - and include myself in them. (Yep! See above! This is still a work in progress as my oldest daughter refuses to take a pic with me, but I know I'll convince her eventually.)
  • Spend a few weeks working in a different city, so we can expose our children to new and exciting experiences. (DONE! We booked an air b&b in an entirely new city for three weeks over the summer! I look forward to sharing more of this journey as we get closer to this summer.)
  • Continue to do gratitude sharing on a near nightly basis with my children (thanks to my husband for starting this.) (Yep, still doing this! It has become something my children enjoy.)
  • Spend two nights/week a working (only after the kids have gone to bed.) (This is hit or miss. It usually ends up being maybe one night a week.)
  • Stick to our parenting and journal with my husband. (Ugggghhhh. Nope, we fell way behind on this. Thankfully, this is reminding me to get back on it tonight.)
  • Rally a community to champion and celebrate a specific cause, related to coaching, through social media. (Work in progress. :) Check out my brand spanking new Facebook Group.)
  • Hire a video production company to make a promo video for Bodem Coaching. (On the back burner.)
  • Write a song and play guitar for an open mic night.
    (This is by far the MOST scary thing on my list.) (Waaaaaayyyy on the back burner. This scares me the most and since it's not going to help pay the bills, it's the easiest one to put off. I will touch back on this one in about a month.)

Share your goals with me on Instagram or Facebook! I would love to hear from you!