Time Management Tuesday!


Okay, folks, I know time management is the bane of your existence. According to nationally recognized surveys - okay, well, it was just one of my lil ole surveys, but still totally relevant - time management is your number one challenge. Right up there with prioritizing, focus, and not eating from the dessert tray.  Oh wait? You don't have that issue? Just me? Okay, nevermind. 

Time management is all about tending to yourself. So I'm on a kick to create a "buffet" of time management tips, tools, and resources. (Sorry about the food theme going on here. Apparently I am hungry.)

To start off with, I have 3 tips for better time management. 

1. Plan.

Maybe this seems obvious, but if you're like me and not an organized person by nature, this will change your life. Start being intentional. Stop worrying if it's the "right" plan or the "best" way to spend your time. Set an intention for that day or week and plan your days to support that intention. 

2. Be creative.

If you have young children, you're going to have get creative. No, not creative in the sense that you'll need to choreograph a dance or draw a horse for your equestrian obsessed seven year old (anyone else dealing with this?). No, creative in the sense that you need to "double dip." For instance, need to exercise but can't get away from the kids? Go for a walk around the neighborhood or take the bikes to your local trail. 

3. Employ self compassion. 

Believe it or not, this is the hardest one of all. Guess what? There will be some days you don't get it all done. That's okay. Here's a secret: successful time management is not about controlling every part of the day, it's about being flexible every party of the day. 

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