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Are You Ready To Make Goals AND Achieve Them.
Stop Feeling Guilty For Wanting To Follow That Dream and LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Personal Empowerment Coaching for stay and work at home moms so they can follow that long awaited (and much deserved) dream, create more meaningful friendships, and feel more empowered as they walk through motherhood.

What is Coaching?

Hello there! I’m Jen and I’m on a mission to uplift and inspire moms as they walk through motherhood.

So, what is coaching and what do I do? Coaching is a process of letting go of all the stuff - the stuff that we carry around, consciously or unconsciously, that weigh down our hearts and keep us from taking our friendships to the next level, experiencing a girls night without guilt, and following that dream (whether it’s to write a book, start a charity, get your family to eat healthier meals, become a freelancer, sign up for that dance class... whatever it is, I PROMISE we can make it happen.)


As moms, we have a tendency to lose ourselves in all that stuff. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new mom or a seasoned pro with three kids, you know the pressure of societal expectations, the struggle to find balance, and mourning the loss of the life you used to have - the woman you were before kids.


I help you let go of all that stuff. Coaching is effective because you gain knowledge on how to reconnect with yourself, as well as tips, tricks, and techniques to start creating that life you want to live.


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“Coaching has helped keep me accountable to myself. Jen guided me down a path of self-discovery that I believe fast-tracked my progress. I believe deeply in the value of an objective and supportive coach who you can trust and whose purpose is to help you get what you want from life. Jen is knowledgeable, kind and passionate. She excels at listening and can help make connections.”

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Erica took part in our “Raise Kids and Grow a Biz” workshop.



Penny took part in our “Raise Your Kids And Grow A Biz” workshop.

“Jennifer has a great grasp of the stumbling blocks moms run into when trying to start a business. Before the course I felt very anxious - the last time I ran my own business I often felt overwhelmed by all my responsibilities and it wore me out. After Jennifer’s course, I have a workable plan, and I feel confident about my ability to get everything ready in time for my launch. She really gets what a typical day looks like when you’re trying to “do it all”, and her ability to talk you through a personalized plan is better than anything I’ve seen. If you want to start a business; or if you have a business and feel overwhelmed trying to be a mom, run a house, and raise kids all at once; you NEED Jennifer!”


“I had  the privilege to have Jen as my coach during a period of professional and personal transition. Jen’s inquisitive style and gentle caring nature allowed me to sort through my feelings to get to the root of the problem. By doing this I was able to make effective decisions and find comfort and personal growth.   Jen also helped me create an action plan and held me accountable to it.  

If you’re looking for a coach that can help you see through your own blinders and excuses, Jen is the coach for you.  She has a style that allows you to be vulnerable, never feeling judged.  

I feel much more confident in myself and my abilities and feel like I’m on the right path to achieve my goals.”