Hey Mama.

I want you to take a moment to breathe. I want you to listen to your soul. I want you to feel uplifted, inspired, and ready to enjoy your journey through motherhood.



A More Guided Approach To Empowerment Coaching
Learn ways to strengthen your relationships and deepen friendships
Reconnect with what gives you real joy
Find confidence in your true, worthy self
Stop feeling guilty and lessen feelings of anxiety
Unique workbook to aid in your journey
* * *
Six, private one hour coaching sessions
Includes Energy Leadership Index Assessment*
Unlimited E-mail Support


Individualized coaching designed to support your specific needs
Three and six month journeys

Perfect for:
Letting go of harmful relationships
Discovering or starting a side business
Accomplishing a long desired goal
Goal setting and time management strategies
Creating a personalized plan
Private one hour coaching sessions either weekly or biweekly
Includes Energy Leadership Index Assessment*
Unlimited e-mail support

*The Energy Leadership Index Assessment is a valuable tool in giving you a whole new framework in viewing the world. The assessment takes about 25 minutes and includes a complimentary one hour debrief.

Learn which program is best for you and enjoy a complimentary coaching session.