Facebook is great for catching up with friends, communicating in groups, and signing up for events, but I have a lot of ethical concerns encouraging my clients to visit a third party site that can easily suck the positive energy out of motherhood. While I do have a FB business page and a personal page, it doesn’t feel right trying to send my clients to a website I simply don’t trust.


So I plan on building a tribe of women with good old fashioned communication. But I need your help to do so.


If this resonates with you, wonderful! I’m so glad. My mission is to uplift and inspire stay at home moms everywhere, so I would be so, so grateful if you could help spread the word about us. If you have a friend that is a stay at home mom or a new mom to be, let her know we offer a complimentary coaching call or send her a link to our Free Bee Mail. Maybe along the way I’ll figure out another way to communicate and connect with you lovely women. Until then, please find me around the internet via the links below.

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